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Services Offered

101 Acoustics Ltd. provide the following services:

  1. Sound insulation testing and building design advice for Part E of the Building Regulations

  2. Assessment and control of industrial and mechanical services noise (BS4142:2014)

  3. Workplace noise assessments for the Control of Noise at Work Act 2005

  4. Noise surveys and assessments to support planning applications for residential, commercial and industrial projects (NPPF, BS8233)

  5. Recording studio and performance space design

  6. Advice on acoustics for BREEAM scheme acoustics credits

  7. HTM08-01 acoustic assessments for healthcare facilities

  8. Noise impact assessments for entertainment venues; restaurants, recording studios, theatres, pubs, clubs etc

  9. BB93 acoustic assessments for schools

To discuss your upcoming or current project, please call us on 0121 350 9713 to speak to an acoustic consultants to discuss your project needs with no obligation.

101 Acoustics:..

                   ..”Understanding Acoustics so you don’t have to”..